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God as The Final-most & Universal Divine Mother 




The finalmost Mother may be conceived as of two kinds :- The Indivisible and the Divisible. The Divisible is again principally conceivable as the Mother that is the Ruler of the Universe and Mother that is the Universe itself.


Mother is the doer,giver, and the enjoyer, and Mother is all this universe as well. Mother is the cause of the creation and destruction of the Universe, and the Mother is the Universe itself.


As ruler of the universe, Mother is also manifold on account of Her functions of creation, preservation, destruction, disappearance, and beneficence.


The forms of Mother are endless, as each one, on desiring to bless Her devotees, and according to the conception (Vaasnaa) of her devotees, and according to the actions (to be performed) or devotee’s service to be accepted. Mother is seen as one and as many, like the moon in the different sheets of water.


She is all that is sacrificed to and worshipped by the Devas (deities). She is all that is food and drink; She is one and manifold, and infinite in form and name. Mother is everywhere- in trees, in earth, in air, in ether, in water, in fire and everywhere.


One is unable to meditate upon Mother’s Eternal and Supreme Indivisible form. Attention therefore should be fixed on qualified form and this, which is infinitely changeable with time and circumstance, can be grasped by the mind. Whatever form one’s mind is capable of grasping, should be meditated upon.


 While accepting the superiority of devotion without any desire of benefit to that for desired objects, Mother’s conception does permit devotion for moral and legitimate desires and repetition of names to hasten the fulfillment of such desires.


By repeating names of a particular meaning the corresponding results are to be obtained. Whatever sphere is suggested by a name, in that sphere the name is fully effective.

Thus he who desires food should repeat the name “Annadaa” (giver of food); he who desires wealth the name “Vasudaa” (the giver of wealth); he who is afraid, the name “Bhayaapahaa” (the remover of fears), and he who is imprisoned, should repeat the name “Bandhamochini” (the liberator from bondage), and so on. 


One should repeat Mother’s names in the forest, in water, on dry land, in places where fear arises from tigers, wild animals, or thieves, and in case of any difficulty or danger or disease. The name “Mother” should be continually repeated while walking, sleeping, standing and eating; as by so doing, the devotee liberates himself from bondage.”He who drinks the nectar of the word “Maai” while in this mortal life, will never again suck milk from the breast of his mother if he believes in reincarnation. The God of Death will not dare to roughly handle him who day and night repeats “Maai” the three syllable Mantra.


Those who prays Mother by the words “Jaganmayi,” or Visva-Janani, meaning mother of all, will obtain everything.


There is the greatest efficiency when the name is repeated with  the conception that Mai is Mother of all, and not of any limited people of a particular nation and religion.


There is nothing which cannot be obtained either on earth or heaven, when Mother is pleased.


They are poor, they are unfortunate, they remain poor, they remain unfortunate, they are much afflicted with many distresses and diseases, in whose mind there is no faith in the worship of Mother.


Other deities are very much pleased when the name of Mother is recited. Who does not love Mother ?


By repeating these names, one becomes truly the supreme Lord of one-self and others.


 The root of salvation is knowledge and the realization of the truth that finally there is nothing else except Mother and Mother alone and the realization of oneness of Mother and Her children and Her home. Knowledge proceeds from the grace of mother conceived as Love and Mercy by experience, when devotee attains certain spiritual maturity.


Gifts, sacrifices,penance, recitation, religious study, Japa, meditation, rites, restraint, etc., all these should be preceded by and ended with “Jaya Maai”.

There is no gender in the case of Mother ; and genders follow the words and conceptions only. Mother is neither a woman nor a man nor any other being.Mother is pure consciousness. No gender should be finally attributed to Her except for conceptions and suitability or fanning the flame of devotion.


The Fire, the Moon, the Sun and the Dawn are the four dwellings or the physical and visible aspects of Mother.

Jaya Maai, Mother Bless All.









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