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 The Founder had a terrible exhaustion after the installation night, which lasted for three days. He was religiously different now.


On the third night, he had a pleasant dream, in which he saw a vast open lawn in which there were innumerable ladies of all religions.


He interpreted this to mean that Mother desired a congregation of ladies in strict purdah (with no gents and boys) of all religions, in commemoration of Her Installation.


In spite of so many difficulties, a sisters' social of over 300 sisters of all religions presided by Mrs. E.T. Choudhari of Bengal on Dashera day (9-10-1932) in Poona became a fait accompli, (a fact accomplished). By one and all that attended, it was called " Mother's Miracle".


 The Founder attaches great religious importance to this novelistic idea of a congregation of all ladies, without distinction of caste creed and colour or age, in strict purda without any gents or (even) boys, meeting together in the spirit of religious sisters to have religious discourse and thought-exchanges, prayers, worships, refreshments, prasads, etc., on the Dashera Day. The requirement of the purda has a deep significance to provide a safety against any unusual custom or belief. If that provision is not there, Muslim sisters would stand precluded; so also the Hindu ladies of royal orthodoxies, as also the ladies whose husbands and relations are strictly against their womenfolk mixing freely with men.


 The Founder has the highest intensity of faith and belief in that, the mere gathering of the said nature pleases Mai, the Universal Mother, most immeasurably and moves Her to shower Her blessings of prosperity peace and bliss on such meetings' attendants and their families.


It is not merely an imagination of a religious mind, but a direct command and communication by Mai, in unambiguous words in dreams. To the Founder himself, it means a period of great penance and austerity during the immediately preceding Navaratra to move Mai to make the function glorious enough and to propitiate Her for the Grace-showers on the suffering humanity. The apparent inconvenience is there, as gents cannot accompany their wives, as easy frolicsome escorts. However, this preclusion itself is suggestive of the main idea, that the ladies are attending a religious function of sisters.


The Founder wishes all ladies to meet as sisters, daughters and mothers to one another, mother and the children folk respectively, and not as wives, would-be-wives for a pets of men in the Mother's temple while meeting for a concentrated prayer, once a year, lasting for not more than three hours at a stretch. The meeting for its maximum efficacy is meant to be a gathering around the Universal Mother of Her softer and more religious-minded and more grace-needing and more home-happiness-responsible daughters, as far as possible temporarily deadened in respect of the sex-poison-mind running, at least for those few hours. The spiritual nectar that can flow and serve as an antidote against all bitterness of different communities and religions can flow only from Mother OF ALL, the Most Merciful Mai, and through propitiation by and intimate mutual relations of, human mothers alone. Such meetings represent the smallest manageable universally-minded sister-folk-world's miniatures and carry their remembrance for years after the event. 


If you make one "brother" religious and righteous, he is by himself alone. He may discontinue if there is displeasure at home. If you make one "sister" to be righteous and religious, there follows an army of relations that are in oneness-bondage and blood-bondage with her.


The right central pivot of any nation for the development of its religiosity, righteousness, culture and civilisation, its virtuousness and piousness, is its womenfolk in general, and the mother-folk in particular.


Woman is the maker and dictator of man, through her mysterious and wonderful powers of protection and infatuation.  


The Founder wishes that there be sisters' social functions of the said type as there were at Poona on 9-10-1932 and at Madras on 1-10-1949, on Dasserah days, periodically, if not annually. 














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